It all started...

Quest for health:  Nausea, headache, fatigue. We found our cure in a healthy diet of clean, local foods, produced naturally, the way God intended.

Our ultimate mission: to heal people, land, and animals through the local food system.  No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers taint our soils, our forages, or our animals, which are also free of toxins, antibiotics, and hormones. Yes to natural, healthy immune systems; yes to increased nutrient intake; yes to wildlife; yes to contented animals; yes to healthy ecosystems.

Although we no longer pay for certification, we continue to follow the standards of the Global Animal Partnership Certified Humane program and the American Grassfed Association Certified Grassfed program. Ranching is also in our blood. With six generations of farming on our family property, the family business has been running since 1839, when Texas was a Republic. Check out our online farm store and let us know how we can be part of your journey!

In your service,

-Farmer Kay